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Welcome to command/Terminal line stuff

How to give permission for particular folder and files?

Chmod 777 to a folder and all contents
=> Go to your folder/files which you want to give permission
=> After type following command: sudo chmod -R 777 /www/abc

How to zip using command line

All files & folder using star(*)
– sudo zip -r 01_01_demo_ZIP.zip  * OR Specific folder –


For Specific folder
– sudo zip -r 01_01_LIVE_ZIP.zip   folder_name

How to Transfer zip to direct another server

Go to project folder where you want to transfer zip and then type below command.
type: sudo wget http://www.example.com/01_01_LIVE.zip

How to Unzip using command line

type: sudo unzip 01_01_LIVE.zip

Repositories commit with different name

1) git add -A

2) GIT_COMMITTER_NAME=”krish chauhan” GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=”krish chauhan”
GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=”chauhanskishan@gmail.com” GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=”chauhanskishan@gmail.com” git commit -a -m “commit 2”

simple commit
– commit -m ‘demo file change’

push file
3) git push


How to Enable leverage browser caching on AWS

Type below commands:
sudo a2enmod headers
sudo a2enmod expires
sudo service apache2 restart