Contact form 7 success or failure message show in popup

Add your popup code between if and else if condition $(“.wpcf7-submit).click(function(event) { $( document ).ajaxComplete(function() { var result =$(“.wpcf7-response-output”).hasClass(“wpcf7-validation-errors”) ? “fail” : “success”; if(result==’fail’){ // error popup code }else if(result==’success’){ // success popup code } }); });

Remove index.php file in codeigniter OR wordpress on windows server

Remove index.php file in Codeigniter or wordpress or other freamwork  on Windows IIS7 Server Here i have share my experience when i faced problem with windows server,  my post english is not well but i have share my thoughts so if anyone have suggestion please share your thoughts with me. In Codeigniter or wordpress  .htaccess file…